Soiree Committee

The Annual Cupids Cupers Cove Soiree takes place on the third weekend of August. The very first Soiree occurred in 1993 and has been enjoyed by all ever since. Our Cupers Cove Soiree Song was written by our local resident Mr. Harold Clarke. The festival is held on Pointe Beach  in the centre of Town. There are adult dances, folk festivals featuring local groups, children’s entertainers, carnival rides, games of chance, great local food, Mr. & Mrs. Soiree Pageant and fireworks. We have ten dedicated committee members who work hard to organize the event each year, and volunteers who donate their time to help out the Committee, which is very much appreciated! If you would like to become one of our volunteers, please contact the Cupids Town Office at (709) 528-4428. Come and have a great weekend with us!



You may travel anywhere you wish, around our native Isle,
I’m sure you’ll all have lots of fun, if you stay with us awhile:
Cause there’s one place around the Bay, I know you’ll want to be,
So please come out and join us at the Cupers Cove Soiree.

There is John Guy coming by, our Union Jack is flying high,
Baloney, pancakes, sausages, for breakfast you will see
Artifacts, even caps, shirts to wear upon your back
Souvenirs you can take back, from the Cupers Cove Soiree.

We have live bands, concession stands, something that will suit all hands
Hot and cold suppers, hot dogs, fries and tea:
Sandwiches, homemade soup, muffins piled up in a group,
I tell you folks you’ll have a ball, at the Cupers Cove Soiree.

Please visit us on Sunday, you’ll find a welcome perch,
Our Ecumenical Service, in Cupid’s United Church:
Please attend, bring a friend, and your children you should send,
You’ll be blessed, if you attend, our Cupers Cove Soiree.

You must visit our legacy Center, a building to behold,
It’s hard to find an equal, in this area I’ve been told:
Go on in, take a tour, you may find something eerie,
Go up to the “look-out”, find the mystery of the “fairie:.

Visit our Museum, you’ll find in the same spot,
You’ll marvel and you’ll wonder, at all the things we got:
See some relics from the past, they’re sure to raise your brow,
Some artifacts from John Guy’s past, that’s being dug right now.

By now you know that Cupers Cove, is good old Cupids town,
More history in another place, I don’t think can be found:
Because in 1610, John Guy, laid claim by his own law,
First formal English settlement in our own Canada.

Harold Clarke